💥 How I experience the awakening.
Since childhood I have been consciously perceiving my human self but also my higher self. It was natural for me to perceive an inner guidance/ voice and higher knowing/ vision. So it was as normal for me as breathing/ eating/ drinking, to feel everything holistically,.. to see other people’s spaces and to support others energetically,.. but also to experience my vulnerable, insecure and childlike human self at the same time. But I was unaware that it was different than for others. I thought this is how it is for all.
For me, there was never an awakening moment. Rather, I became more and more aware of “understanding the dual perspective” and getting images of this world from a human perspective,.. to what I had previously taken in form of awareness and knowledge. I had difficulties with the fact that others did not live this way and that I was not aware of it. This created difficulties of understanding in the inside and outside,.. a confusion with following effects. And also the people reacted to my energy/ words, which were expressed on a different basis,.. in many cases with attacks, because they were confused by the energies. 😜
Today I experience my consciousness field/ Multidimensional Self anew over and over again. It is more a conscious holistic feeling and perceiving how the different levels of consciousness work together/ are one,.. I feel the unconditional love of my higher self to the human self (unfortunately not always) and at the same time I feel my vulnerable human self receiving this love,… all at the same time and from different levels. A bit like a close harmonic union of mother and child in the womb. A feeling of well-being and security,… helpful especially when you are in a transformation/ integration process and the incoming energies are so big that they “spill over” your own field and you feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately I often experience this after the valley of the integration.

💥 The wave is coming,.. not just one.
Very soon a great wave of awakening is coming. As described in my last post, this will create a strong ripple effect in the collective field. Those who have been in the ascension process for years now have learned to “sail” in these wild waters and will use the winds to ascend further with quantum leaps. This group of souls is now experiencing a new level. A living and experiencing out of the heart field/ Multidimensional field. This also creates a huge wave. I see a pink-diamond-white-golden energy bursting out of the hearts of these souls and “bursting/ popping” into “a unified field”. It is not so much an explosion. It is much more gentle but very fast and powerfull. This erratic spreading/ unifying energy,.. -I see diamond-white-golden light with rainbow facets… sucking these souls into a “huge oval field” (as I perceive it),.. with a “hffft” into a higher frequency level/ dimension,.. into another overall state/ reality.

Keep focusing and aligning with your heart consciousness. Such a wonderful energy.
Remember, when you are in a process of integration that makes you fall to your knees,…even if it feels like it – it is not that that you lowered your frequency,.. the processes just become more demanding. Think of school classes, the duties become more and more demanding the higher up you go in the school system. ☀️

💥 A little inspiration about the physical body.
A suggestion and inspiration. Take a look at your body from the point of view that the physical body is also a living being. It will change your communication and view. Try it out. This is how a wonderful friendship and love can develop between consciousness and physical body.

Hold yourselves with love and embrace yourself again and again with love,… somewhat like a mother hugs her own child.

With all my Love ❤️❤️❤️
Isa Gabriele

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